Metal railings and security fencing Kent & London

We install metal railings in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, and Essex. When it comes to metal railings, the choices are endless. The Creative Ironworks team create bespoke metal railings in any number of styles. Several finish types can be achieved these include; modern, contemporary, and Victorian. Designs can be simple or incredibly ornate. Over the years we have installed metal railings in many settings including stately homes, schools and domestic properties all of our installation conform to BS safety standards.

Wrought Iron railings Kent & London

When considering metal railings in Kent, many people will start their search with wrought iron in mind. However, over 90% of metal railings installed these days are crafted from Mild Steel. Wrought iron is a specialist material the creation of which has cost implications. Almost all of the metal railings you see today are made using mild steel which is a comparable material in terms of strength. Mild Steel railings are practically indiscernible from wrought iron railings when installed its is almost impossible to tell the difference between the two metals.

Numerous finishes

All metal railings and metal gates can be finished in a variety of styles the purpose of which is to improve the lifespan and look of your railings these finishes include:

  • Painting
  • Galvanising
  • Powder Coating
Wrought Iron And Metal Railings Kent
Small Metal Ball Top Railings
Decorative Painted White Railings In Ashford

Ornate Metal Staircase Balustrading Kent

Metal staircase railings & balustrades

We provide this type of installation to domestic and commercial customers alike all of our metal staircase railings and balustrades conform to the latest BS safety regulations and can range from ornate bespoke balustrades in a residential dwelling through to large commercial installations in an industrial setting.

Metal Security Fencing

Metal security fencing & railings

There are several good reasons to consider metal fencing or railings aside from the visible security benefits metal railings are less likely to succumb to the effects of the weather. Metal railings or fencing will seldom be affected by high winds.

If installed well with the right weather protection their lifespan will far outstrip a standard wooden installation. Metal fencing or railings are a particularly good choice when security is a primary concern.

We manufacture & install metal fencing in Kent, London, Surrey, Sussex, and Essex.

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Based in Ashford Kent we install Metal Railings in Kent, London, Surrey, Sussex, and Essex.

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